Closet Inspiration

This is exactly how I feel every time I enter my closet. Although, if I had Carrie's Closet, I might not have that problem. I know that I am one of the many fashionable females that has difficulty choosing the perfect go-to outfit that is oh so stylish. Ive come across some of the most fabulous closets that I am just so eager to recreate that I just had to share with you lovelies.  

 I just adore the first & fourth ones. Im beyond obsessed with the Chandeliers, as well as the feminine Chair and Huge Mirror!
Which one is your favorite?!

Enjoy & have a fabulous day!

Fall Wish List


Hello Loves,
I'm apologizing now for being so MIA & having my polyvore obsession take over my blog. I have been a little busy with the job hunt & being the best host for an amazing friend who came to visit! As well as being a little UN-inspired by my blog name. Don't get me wrong, I adore it, I just feel that this blog is all about me & my life that it needs to represent me more!.. So I'm in the middle of brain-storming a new blog name as well as filling my head with as much blogging knowledge as I possibly can. So any tips or advice anyone has for me, they are welcome! I think my excitement just took over & I jumped to fast!

This past weekend, I finally met up with a close friend who I have not seen in way to long. She is a huge lover of everything Japanese. There was a Japanese Festival, so I thought Id tag along for some entertainment. Here are a few photos I managed to get via Instagram...

Pretty Koi Fish

My Friend Patrice & I in front of the Cherry Blossom balloon Tree

Gorgeous Kimono
 xoxo Ash

Color me Pretty